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12th Scale ~ Cold Porcelain Flowers / Plants

Please note delivery time for handmade items by Jeniifer can take upto six weeks to be disptached due to the amount of time theses models take.   You are welcome to contact us in advance to confirm the waiting time.

Different colours can me requested using the contact us page.

Flowers by Jennifer Khan in Cold Porcelain.     

Comes with display items shown in image

Always come with a certificate of authentication.

Cold porcelain is one of the most difficult paste/clays to master due to its fast drying time and the skill needed to model the paste quickly at the optimum texture.    Each leaf has to be cut from the pressed clay and shaped before going on wire.  The stamens of the flowers have to be created with the most detail possible but also have enough space on them to build the flower.  Most flowers are made petal by petal and slowely assembled.   Jennifer always demands the most detail and perfection possible from her work.   When you purchase a botanical model made from cold porcelain you are purchasing something that will still look as beautiful 50 years from now.

Jennifer has been making cold porcelain flowers for 15 years and has now designed a range of tools to help miniaturists fill there miniature gardens using the same designs as she uses.

She is proud to be a member of the IGMA

For Miniature use only
For display only
For 1/12 th scale
In Scotland, UK

Made by Jennifer Khan (IGMA Artisan)